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Why Does My Cat Stare At Me? These 5 Reasons Are Astonishing

The age old question of every cat owner: Why does my cat stare at me? The answer is quite astonishing.
Why does my cat stare at me?

Ever woken up and found your cat looking directly into your eyes while laying on your chest? Or perhaps while you sit at your computer, you feel those green eyes piercing a hole in your spine. What is your cat contemplating? Why does my cat stare at me?

 Here’s how to distinguish between the several possibilities that might result in cats looking at you.

The 5 Reasons Why My Cat Stares At Me

  • Hunger: Did you feed your little feline friend? Your cat may be glaring at you to let you know that their bowl is looking quite empty. Cats might even take it a step further by staring at you and then glancing back at their bowl for more emphasis.
  • Illness. Your cat may be attempting to communicate with you that they don’t feel well.
  • Curiosity. Ever looked at your cat and asked “What are you doing little guy?”. It’s possible they might have the same feeling.  Your cat can be gazing at you because they want to know what you’re eating for supper or they’re curious as to why you’re scrolling through some device that seems to be emitting some irritating
  • Love. Even while some can make fun of their cat for planning their demise, they usually mean it in jest. Your cat is effectively blowing you a kiss when they are calm and just gaze at you and blink gently. To return the favour, simply repeat it back to them.
  • Territorial. Cats may be possessive. They may prefer you to maintain your distance from them since they have favourite spots, such a comfy bed or a perch by the window. If they’re looking at you intently, they can be appealing with you to keep your hands off of their prized territory.

Body Language

Yes, they say the eyes are the window to the soul. That is true – however, in this instance, you need to observe the body language your cat is displaying for you in order to understand why your cat is staring at you. And I promise you, it’s not a staring contest! 

Fearful Cat

Your cat is showing signs of dread if he is hiding behind furniture, hiding behind you while gazing at you, or if his tail is tucked beneath his body.

Your cat has been startled by whatever you unintentionally did, such as standing up to applaud when your sports team scored a touchdown or falling and losing something. Occasionally, it may have been a disturbance your cat heard outside your home.

He is mentally scanning for any threats. He will fix his gaze on anybody who could be nearby, is making the most noise, or is moving. It may be wise to calm yourself down at this point by taking a few deep breaths.

Happy Cat

Is your cat’s tail down when you catch him gazing at you and does he have a rigid stance? Your cat’s posture reveals a lot about how they are feeling, so pay attention to it.

Two separate tales may be told by two different body positions and a look. Your cat may be showing you love if he is looking at you and blinking gently while just a few inches away from your face.

Or maybe he’s attempting to wake you by doing this. This pleasant body language indicates that he merely wants your attention and may want his breakfast now or for you to get up and join him.

Mad Cat

Cats that are ready to attack do not have a loose, calm body language. The unmistakable indicators of an unhappy cat include dilated pupils, turned-side ears, a stiffer torso, and an anxious tail that is swishing side to side.

Along with making direct eye contact, that body language is undoubtedly a possible danger and an indication that your cat needs some distance. The best course of action in this situation is to turn away from your cat, divert his interest, and create some distance between you two.

You may give your desk a little tap or throw a pen or crumpled piece of paper across the room for your cat to pursue.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to figuring out how to get their owners’ attention, cats are incredibly clever. Cats are not strangers to shouting “Hey!” in a variety of ways, from direct vocalisation to more subtle cat looks or body language. It all comes down to how we interpret them and learn from our wonderful feline friends.

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