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Why Do Cats Knead? These 5 Reasons Will Amaze You

Cat owners may attest to the fact that felines have a habit of rubbing their paws in a rhythmic, repeating manner on various objects and people. So, lets explore the many reasons of why do cats knead.
why do cats knead

Why Do Cats Knead?

Why do cats knead? Some cat owners affectionately refer to this activity as “making biscuits,” which is a play on the term “kneading,” which describes the motion of a human kneading dough.

Cats often exhibit this kind of behaviour. Kittens naturally continue this trait throughout maturity. And here are five of the many motivations that answer the question of “Why do cats knead?”

1. Comfort

Newborn kittens massage their mothers’ bellies gently to encourage the production of milk.

It’s natural for cats to knead their kitten’s milk, and some of them may even dribble while doing it to indicate their hunger for a nice, warm meal.

Although adult cats have no physiological need for nursing, the act of kneading may nonetheless evoke soothing associations and may provide them with comfort.

2. Territory

It is possible for cats to knead to show their dominance over a certain area.

According to Dr. Jennifer Freeman, a resident veterinarian and pet-care specialist at PetSmart, kneading may be a means for cats to establish their territory by transferring their smell onto whatever surface they are kneading.

3. Love

Similarly to how dogs would kiss you on the face if they like you, cats have their own special method of showing affection.

If a cat kneads on you, it may be a praise since it means they are comfortable with you and want to demonstrate their appreciation.

4. Bedtime

In fact, your cat may knead you more vigorously if they consider you a favourite.

Although kneading is often associated with mothering, there may be other drives at play. They could knead a surface a few times before drifting off to sleep.

Kneading might be a remnant from the time when cats flattened out and patted down their sleeping quarters to make them more comfy and identify any unknown threats before drifting off to dreamland.

5. Stretch

Even felines have the occasional desire for a good stretch out. Whenever a cat kneads, it does it with outstretched paws.

It’s possible that cats knead to awaken their muscles and increase blood flow by extending and retracting their limbs in an alternate motion.

The Bottom Line

There are many reasons your cat may be kneading on or around you. Our cats are very intriguing in the way they play and even communicate with us. In reality, this is really their world, and we are just a part of it. I hope we have answered the question of “Why do cats knead?”, and we wish you happy adventures into the Feline World.

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