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Tiki Cat Food Review (2023) – In 6 Easy Minutes Or Less!

Everyone's been talking about Tiki Cat food—but is it really worth the hype? Get an unbiased Tiki Cat food review that covers all your questions in only six minutes!

tiki cat food review

Are you looking for the best cat food available on the market? With so many options existing, it can be difficult and time-consuming to find the right one. Fortunately, we’ve put together a Tiki Cat Food Review to save you some time!

Tiki Cat has been producing high-quality foods for cats since 2023 and is well-known for their delicious flavours and recipes that are sure to please even the pickiest eater. With a variety of flavours and formulas specifically designed to meet all life stages of felines, Tiki Cat is perfect for providing your four-legged friend with wholesome nutrition.

In this Tiki Cat Food review, you will learn about their products’ nutritional value, iconic ingredients and overall opinion from unbiased reviewers – all in 6 easy minutes or less!

Tiki Cat Food

Improve your cat’s health and wellness with Tiki Cat food – a great choice for those looking for the best cat food on the market! Tiki Cat Food combines quality, taste, and nutrition to make sure your pet is always well fed.

What is Tiki Cat Food?

Tiki Cat Food is a pet food brand owned by Petropics, founded by Christine Hacket. She used to work in the research and development department at Petco, but realised the potential and problems in the pet food industry.

This prompted her to start her own pet company along with her husband. In 2015, Tiki Cat Food became a part of Whitebridge Pet Brands, which was formed as a merger between Cloud Star and Tiki Pet. Other names in the Whitebridge portfolio include Dogswell, Catswell, and Buddy Biscuits.

Tiki Cat Food is known for its high-quality ingredients that are sourced from sustainable sources. The company also uses natural preservatives and avoids artificial colours or flavours in their products. They offer a variety of wet and dry cat foods that are designed to meet the nutritional needs of cats of all ages and sizes.

Additionally, they have an extensive line of treats that can be used as rewards or snacks for cats. With their commitment to providing quality nutrition for cats, Tiki Cat Food has become a popular choice among pet owners looking for healthy options for their furry friends. This tiki cat food review will explore the reasons why!

Where is Tiki Cat Food Made?

Tiki Cat Food is made in Thailand in a facility that is designed to meet the highest standards for human food production. The award-winning canning plants are known for their commitment to quality and safety, ensuring that customers receive only the best products.

Additionally, Tiki sources its ingredients from as close to the manufacturing plant as possible, with fish being sourced from Thai waters. This is important because these fisheries belong to the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) and support conservation initiatives.

Tiki Cat Food takes pride in providing pet owners with high-quality products that are safe and nutritious for their cats. All of their ingredients are carefully selected and sourced from trusted suppliers who adhere to strict quality control guidelines.

Furthermore, all of their products are manufactured in an award-winning human-grade canning plant located in Thailand, which meets international standards for human food production. With such stringent measures taken by Tiki Cat Food, pet owners can rest assured knowing that they are providing their cats with only the best nutrition available on the market today. Keep reading this Tiki Cat Food review to find out more!

What Foods Does Tiki Cat Food Offer?

Tiki Cat is a pet food brand that specializes in wet food for cats. They offer a wide variety of canned and pouched recipes, as well as a small selection of dry cat food. In total, the brand offers over 40 different flavors and textures to choose from. Tiki Cat has ten product lines to choose from, including grain-free options, limited ingredient diets, and zero-fibre foods ideal for cats with sensitive stomachs.

The grain-free options are made with high-quality proteins like chicken, turkey, salmon, and tuna. The limited ingredient diets are perfect for cats with allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients. And the zero-fiber foods are great for cats who need extra digestible nutrition without the added fiber content. All of these products are designed to provide complete and balanced nutrition for your cat’s health and wellbeing. Keep reading this Tiki Cat Food review to find out more!

The Tiki Cat Food Ingredients

The primary ingredients in Tiki Cat food recipes are animal proteins, such as tuna and chicken. This is great news for pet owners who want to make sure their cats are getting the nutrition they need without any unnecessary fillers or grains.

Additionally, there are healthy carbohydrates like chickpeas and peas included in the recipes to provide important energy sources. Ground flaxseed is also a common ingredient in the Tiki Cat line of pet food to provide important omega fatty acids.

Overall, the primary ingredients found in Tiki Cat food recipes are all good for cats and provide them with essential nutrients that they need to stay healthy. The lack of corn, wheat, or other fillers means that cats can enjoy a nutritious meal without having to worry about consuming unnecessary calories or unhealthy additives. With high-quality animal proteins and healthy carbohydrates, Tiki Cat provides cats with a balanced diet that will keep them feeling their best.

Tiki Cat Food Review: Customer Thoughts

Tiki Cat food has earned a stellar reputation among pet owners for its low carbohydrate content and simple recipes. Customers appreciate the brand’s commitment to providing healthy, natural ingredients that cats love. The Grill and Luau lines are particularly popular, while After Dark receives mixed reviews. Many customers report that their cats with IBD, diabetes, and other sensitivities have had great success with Tiki Cat food.

While the company has yet to issue a statement on the matter, it appears that this is an isolated incident and not indicative of any larger problem with the product. Despite this one issue, Tiki Cat food continues to receive overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers who appreciate its quality ingredients and health benefits for their pets.

Tiki Cat Food Review: Price Point

Tiki Cat Food is a premium brand of cat food that offers both wet and dry recipes. Their wet food recipes are more expensive than their dry foods, but they are still fairly affordable. The average cost for Tiki Cat wet food ranges from about $0.35 to $0.55 per ounce, which means it would cost between $2.96 and $5.00 per day to feed a 10-pound cat the recipes reviewed above. On the other hand, their dry food costs about $0.50 per day, making it one of the more affordable options on the market.

In terms of price and quality, Tiki Cat Food is on par with other premium brands like Koha and Hound & Gatos. They use high-quality ingredients in all their recipes and offer a variety of flavors to suit any cat’s taste buds. Plus, they have an extensive line of grain-free options for cats with sensitive stomachs or allergies. All in all, Tiki Cat is a great option for pet owners looking for an affordable yet nutritious option for their feline friends.

Overall, Is Tiki Cat Food Worth It?

Overall, Tiki Cat Food is a good choice for cats. Their wet foods are some of the most protein-rich and low-carbohydrate products on the market, making them an excellent option for cats with diabetes or IBD. In particular, their After Dark line offers species-appropriate food combining both muscle meat and organs for a wide spectrum of animal-sourced nutrients.

While their dry foods may be relatively high in carbohydrates and fail to deliver the moisture cats need, they are still better than the average kibble with significantly higher meat inclusions and lower carbohydrate content. Additionally, Tiki Cat Food has never been recalled, which speaks to its trustworthiness as a brand.

In conclusion, Tiki Cat Food is an overall good choice for cats due to its nutritionally superior wet food offerings and trustworthy reputation. With its low-carbohydrate options and species-appropriate ingredients, it is an excellent option for cats with special dietary needs or those looking for a quality cat food product.

Where To Buy Tiki Cat?

Online, Tiki Cat is available from many retailers such as PetSmart, Petco, Chewy, Amazon, Walmart, and more. Shopping online for Tiki Cat food makes it easy to compare prices and find the best deal.

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