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How Heavy Should My Cat Be? Everything You Should Know in 5 Easy Minutes!

Although breed and build might affect it, the average weight for a domestic cat is around 10 pounds. When healthy, a Maine Coon may reach a weight of 25 pounds, while a Siamese cat can only reach 5 pounds.
how heavy should my cat be

How Heavy Should My Cat Be?

All cats should be at a healthy weight to prolong their lives and avoid health problems related to poor nutrition or obesity. Whether or not a particular cat is at a healthy weight depends on a number of circumstances, but there are many ways in which pet owners may determine. So, how heavy should my cat be?

  • The “ideal cat weight” ranges from 4 to 4.5 kilogrammes (kg), however this mostly depends on the breed. 
  • Your cat’s chance of developing diabetes, arthritis, and other diseases increases with obesity. 
  • Is it simple for you to feel your cat’s ribs? 
  • Can you make out their ribcage and shoulder blades? 
  • You may get your cat to a healthy weight by following your veterinarian’s dietary recommendations. 
  • Their weight can be managed with the aid of exercise and extracurriculars

How Do Cats Get Overweight?

According to veterinarians, cats gain weight for two main reasons: the food they are given and their level of boredom. 

Many pet owners would cave in to their pets’ whimpering if it means keeping their best buds happy. But that happiness soon turns into regret and cat owners are left questioning “How heavy should my cat be?” 

But there are ways to avoid the onset of weight gain and leave you questioning “How heavy should my cat be?”

How To Prevent Weight Gain?

  • If you’re looking to cut down on carbs and increase protein, canned food is your best bet. Canned food is another convenient option for establishing regular feeding times for your cat. Cats tend to develop excess weight when their owners leave out a dish of dry kibble for them to snack on all day. 
  • Restrict your sweets intake. It’s not necessary to use food as a reward system while training a cat. If you want to reward your cat the healthy way, check out our article on what cats can eat.
  • In order to get your cat to eat, you need to make it earn its food. Veterinarians have discovered that cats who have “food puzzles” (something the cat must roll or manipulate to access rewards) in their homes are happier and more content. Kibbles can be concealed in the individual sections of a wine box, or in one or more tiny holes in a plastic bottle. In addition to stimulating their innate drive to seek and forage, the puzzles also help them consume more slowly. 
  • It may be necessary, if you have more than one cat, to feed the overweight one in a different room, or to keep the food bowls of the leaner cats out of the way. 
  • You might get a pet microchip feeder that restricts access to the food to only the animal that is registered to that particular feeder. 

Get your cat checked out by a vet to make sure there isn’t a medical issue causing their weight gain before you start any kind of diet. It may be sufficient to replace unstructured kibble consumption with regular meals. However, a cat who weighs too much may benefit from a change to a prescription diet or a canned kind of diet food that has less fat and more protein, vitamins, and minerals per serving. 

The Wrap Up

So now we know “How heavy should my cat be?”, what is the conclusion? Well, the bottom line is all cats benefit from maintaining a healthy weight, since doing so increases the likelihood of their living long, happy lives. However, many pet cats in homes today are overweight or even obese, which can lead to serious conditions including diabetes and heart disease. Being underweight is particularly concerning since it’s abnormal for a domestic cat that has access to food to be underweight. Consult a vet if you’re concerned that your cat’s weight could be unhealthy.

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