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Can Cats Eat Cheese? Everything You Need To Know!

A cat's nose can detect the slightest crinkle in a cheese package and bring it racing into the kitchen, but can cats eat cheese? Find out the real deal on whether or not cats and cheese mix well together.
can cats eat cheese

Can cats eat cheese? Professionals say yes, but stress the need for moderation. What moderation? How much can cheese should I feed my cat. Let’s talk about it!

Can cats eat cheese?

Can cats eat cheese? Professionals say yes, but stress the need for moderation. Give your cat just a little slice of cheese, approximately the size of a dice, on occasion. If you need to give your cat medication that they can’t have at any other time, you can decide to save the cheese for when you need to conceal the pill.

There is no evolutionary reason for cats to eat cheese. Owing to their evolutionary adaptations, cats can only survive by eating meat. Cheese, on the other hand, is likewise rich in protein, but it might cause stomach problems for cats.

Cats don’t have a high tolerance for dairy. Cats lack the digestive enzyme that humans and other omnivores need to digest the lactose found in dairy products. Because of this, dairy is very difficult for them to digest. Most cats are lactose intolerant and may suffer from severe gastrointestinal distress if fed dairy products.

Can kittens eat cheese?

Now that we know can cats eat cheese, let’s move on to kittens. Given that milk is a staple in a kitten’s diet, you may not be concerned that cheese poses a similar danger to felines. Cats have a greater capacity to manufacture the lactase enzyme and hence like milk-based meals while they are young; however, this capacity declines as cats mature and begin eating solid foods like cheese. Check out our helpful tips if you are unsure about what to feed your cat.

Types of Cheese: Good vs. The Bad

There may be certain cheeses that are preferable if you must sneak one to your cat:

  • Cheddar: is a semi-hard cheese that is low in lactose and is hence a favourite among many. But it doesn’t imply you should feed your cat a lot of cheddar, since it might upset its stomach.
  • Swiss: Swiss cheese is a favourite among sandwich eaters, and for good reason: it’s rich in protein and low in salt and fat, making it a healthy choice for humans. Although it contains less lactose than cheddar, it might still cause stomach distress.
  • Mozzarella: Many cat owners have seen their feline companions digging into the pizza box, but is the oozing mozzarella cheese safe for their pets? This is not the case. Lactose, which is found in both raw and cooked soft cheeses like mozzarella, may be harmful to feline health. You should avoid both cottage cheese and cream cheese since they both have the same health hazards.
  • Brie is a well-liked soft cheese, however its production from raw milk raises health concerns due to the potential presence of Salmonella and Listeria. 
  • Blue cheese and Camembert are two other soft cheeses that should never be eaten uncooked. Stilton, like other cheeses of its kind, is fermented using cultures of the mould Penicillium, which is harmful to animals. Therefore, you shouldn’t give your cat stale cheese.

The Takeaway

Can cats eat cheese? It’s possible for cats to have negative responses to cheese due to lactose intolerance or dairy allergies, but only if they consume too much.

Cats are obligate carnivores, therefore they get little nutritional value from eating dairy products like cheese, and doing so on a regular basis might lead to obesity.

An emergency trip to the veterinarian may be expensive, but pet insurance can reimburse a percentage of the cost for eligible treatments, making it more manageable for cat owners.

Forget the cheese, feed these to your cat next time:

  • Veggies and fruit
  • Miniature portions of prepared fish
  • Cooked Egg 

So, can cats eat cheese? I hope we’ve answered your question. Please feel free to check out our latest Cat Tips below.

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