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7 Best Kitten Foods Your Kitten Will Love! (2023 Guide)

Here are 7 of the best foods for kittens. My kittens have loved them and so will yours!

best kitten foods

I spent days researching the best kitten foods and asking my local vet for advice. I have personally used most of these with my kittens over the years so I am sure yours will love them too.

I found that when searching for “the best kitten foods”, almost all search results show kitten foods in the United States. I set out to fix that.

Here are the 7 best kitten foods:

Use the following best kitten foods as you wish. However, always check with your vet before adding new foods to your kitten.

Keep reading to find out the 7 best kitten foods!

Best Kitten Food – Vetalogica Biologically Appropriate Kitten Food

Choose natural ingredients and meat sources for your kitten’s dry food. Vetalogica Biologically Appropriate Kitten Food has high-quality ingredients and open-sourcing. This meat comes from chicken, duck, tuna, and mackerel, diversifying your kitten’s diet. A kitten’s diet should include fish-based DHA. Australia supplies 35% of this dish’s meat and veggies. Vetalogica Biologically Appropriate Kitten Food takes our overall spot for the best kitten foods.

Best Value Kitten Food – Advance Kitten Growth Chicken Cat Food

Advance Kitten Growth Chicken Cat Food is a value-priced quality dry food. This cat chow isn’t the cheapest, but its value is evident. This Australian-made food has a wide range of vitamins to nourish your kitty. This includes antioxidants, B vitamins, and other minerals, as well as tuna, which provides choline and DHA. This is a great choice for cats that are allergic to chicken. Thus, Advance Kitten Growth Chicken Cat Food takes our best value spot for the best kitten foods.

Best Premium Choice Kitten Food – Royal Canin Premium Kitten Food

Loaf-shaped Royal Canin Premium Kitten Food is great for fussy cats. It’s easier to chew and digest, especially when teething. This premium choice kitty food contains easy-to-digest substances to aid digestion. Contains probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. This meal has an unclear ingredient list as  “Meat derivatives” and “cereals” aren’t clear, specific components.

Best Scientifically Tested Kitten Food – Hill’s Science Diet Kitten Dry Food

Hill’s Science Diet encompasses balanced meals. Because of their experience and superior ingredients, their chicken-flavored dry kitten food is great. Despite being dry, this dish is made with chicken. This diet’s organic vitamins and minerals promote your kitten’s strong bones, robust immune system, and beautiful skin and coat. Fish oil’s DHA promotes brain and ocular development. This cuisine’s biggest drawback is that it relies on eggs for protein. Thus, Hill’s Science Diet takes the spot for the scientifically tested best kitten food.

Best Palatable Kitten Food – Applaws Tuna Natural Wet Kitten Food

Applaws Tuna Natural Wet Kitten Food is for meat-only or special ingredient diets. Applaws Tuna contains tuna, sunflower oil, and a gelling agent with vitamins and minerals. Ideal for cats with sensitive stomachs or chicken allergies. The canned food’s fluidity makes it easy to eat for slow weaners or teething kittens. If you don’t like tuna, beware of its fishy scent.

Best Quality Ingredient Kitten Food – Black Hawk Chicken & Rice Kitten Food

Many owners love Black Hawk Chicken & Rice Kitten Food. This meal’s 34% protein and 18% fat concentration is ideal for kitten feeding. Although some of the proteins come from veggies, most are from chicken. Black Hawk uses local, natural ingredients and supplements vitamins and minerals with pumpkin, beetroot, emu and fish oils, cranberries, and blueberries. These ingredients help formulate kitten food for growth.

Best for Heart and Immune Health Kitten Food – Optimum Kitten 2-12 Months with Chicken Dry Cat Food

Optimum Kitten Chicken Dry Cat Food protects a kitten’s heart and immune system. Arginine, vitamin E, and taurine, with a pH balance to support urinary tract health, boost heart health. It also contains colostrum, which helps a kitten’s immune and digestive systems grow. This dish is more affordable than others, making it ideal for those on a budget.

Kitten vs Adult Food—What’s the Difference?

Compared to adult cats, kittens have a much faster metabolism, thus they need more protein and fat in their diets. For kittens that are still building their vital systems, nutrients that aren’t as needed for adult cats are quite important. Until they are around 12 months old, kittens must consume a specialist diet.

Why purchase cat food made in Australia?

In light of recent pet food recalls due to deficiencies or poisoned food, one can never be too watchful. Buying Australian-made goods from respectable, “first world” facilities (with government-supervised manufacturing plants, quality assurance, and OH+S regulations) is reassuring. Buying locally reduces import costs. This leads to better, cheaper pet food.

The Wrap-Up

Be sure to consult with your vet about specific foods for your kittens. Apart from that, we wish you the best in your adventures through The Feline World.

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